Our Green Commitment

Reduce waste and pollution

You’d be surprised how much waste and pollution is generated by a single dental practice. We use biodegradable disinfecting solutions and our janitorial service providers use green cleaning products. In the staff room we sort out refuse into 3 separate categories -by recycling with a blue bag, recycling bottles and regular old garbage.

Is high-tech

Many innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are also better for patients and the planet. We do not use processing chemicals for x-rays as they are digital. We strive to be a paperless office and have password secured digital patient charts instead of the traditional paper charts that are filled in a cabinet behind the front desk.

Save water, energy, and money

It’s time for every industry to conserve resources, and dentistry has an important role to play. Our dental vacuum unit is dry and does not use the large amount of water that traditional models do. We use LED lights in the operatories and staff room that consume much less energy.

Supports a wellness lifestyle

A growing community of consumers seeks dental professionals who share their values of personal and planetary wellness. We embrace new technologies and ideas about being a greener dental office and incorporate them into our office. We love the planet. Please hug a tree today!